Send us your best Grins…and win Grins Gear.

Here at Grins, we think we have the happiest fans in the world. We want to make you all even happier by giving you some of our Grins Gear, the perfect thing to wear when you or those around you need an extra reason to smile.

So we’ve started what we call the “Grin of the Week” contest. Here’s how it works:

1. We want you to send us pictures of your favorite ways and places to enjoy Grins, by posting them on our Facebook wall. Whether you twist one open after a spectacular hike, chug it down after an amazing game of pick-up or just enjoy a bottle over good times with friends, we want to see how you like your Grins. Be imaginative, and have fun. We’re looking for photos that will make us all smile, and that include the Grins bottle.

2. Every week, we’re going to pick our favorite grin to post on our website as the “Grin of the Week.”

3. Check our site regularly, and if you see yourself in the “Grin of the Week” box, post it in your Facebook status, then leave a note on our wall telling us about it.

4. We will contact you privately to arrange delivery of your very own Grins T-shirt from our Grins Gear stash.

So get creative, and get grinning! We can’t wait to see you on our website.