Grins put to the test at Westchester Country Day School

Westchester Country Day School students help with a Grins delivery, with Assistant Headmaster Gardner Barrier behind the wheel of the Grinsmobile.

High school students are tough critics.

One of the reasons we started making Grins was to provide a healthier alternative to many of these students’ preferred beverages (read more about this here). Of course, to make that worth the effort, you’ve got to create a product that tastes good, so kids will choose it above the other beverages.

We think we’ve accomplished that, and we got some good proof this week at Westchester Country Day School in High Point, N.C.

The kids and administrators at Westchester have been crazy about Grins since they first tasted it. They are participating in our Grin and Share It! program and also selling bottles in their cafeteria and concessions stands.

Assistant Headmaster Gardner Barrier reports that the first day Grins went on sale in the cafeteria, about half the kids bought Grins and half bought their usual Gatorade. It didn’t take long for that to change.

By the second and third days selling Grins, Barrier said, almost nobody was buying Gatorade anymore.

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