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Retailer Request Postcard

Hot summer days will soon be upon us. When you’re busy working up a thirst doing your favorite summer activities, you’re going to want to have Grins available nearby to keep your fridge and cooler stocked.

We’ve created an easy way to tell your favorite grocery store, corner shop or convenience store that you’d like them to carry The Official Beverage of Happy People.

Click here to download and print this simple postcard that explains why no beverage cooler should be without Grins. Drop it off at the shops you frequent, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Keep Grinning, and have a great summer!

What they’re saying about Grins

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Every day, more folks are uncapping the positive power of Grins for the first time. We are always thrilled with the feedback we get from new customers who understand why Grins is The Official Beverage of Happy People.

“Stopped by a convenience store before work this evening and saw your product, decided to try one because it has a low sugar content per serving & is made with natural sweetener. Really enjoy the taste, it doesn’t have that overpowering sugary taste that most juices that are “supposed to be good for you” have. I will be drinking your product in the future.”

– R. Shawn White, on Facebook

“In our family, we don’t drink soft drinks or Gatorade, … so we loved the idea of a low-calorie, better-for-you beverage. It’s the only thing we’ve put in the store.”

– Brian Fitzgerald, president, Soccer Unlimited, Winston-Salem, N.C.

“Just had my first Grins today, Strawberry Kiwi. I was expecting a boring and “healthy” taste, but this stuff was really good! Thank you to the gentleman at the Hess Station in Greensboro on Wendover for recommending it!”

– Ricky Hardin, on Facebook

“A lot of the students … enjoyed the taste of it, that it was refreshing and that it didn’t have that artificial aftertaste with it. That was the big clincher there. … Teachers have commented that they like the taste of it a lot better” than other beverage options in the cafeteria.

– Barbara Davenport, school nutrition manager, Washington County, Va.

“When our school had the opportunity to have some of the very first cases of Grins delivered to us, we knew we would enjoy the beverages after sampling them weeks before. However, our school staff did not foresee Grins being so successful that it would essentially replace Gatorade and various other beverages on our campus.”

– Gardner Barrier, assistant head of school, Westchester Country Day School, High Point, N.C.

“My grand daughter came home telling me about GRINS.I had no idea what it is, until she bought one at school and brought it home. It is a very tasty drink, she loves it too much already. I do, too.”

– Latifan C., on Facebook

“dude Grins is tha most amazing stuff in the world everybody needs to try it.”

– Bryan H., on Facebook

“Finally found this drink in Davidson County – Quality Mart in Lexington…Caleb Davis was so happy, we haven’t been able to find it since the Wells Thompson Signature Soccer camp. Now that we found it there is no turning back…Thank you Grins for supporting the soccer camp!”

– Lynne D. on Facebook

Our troops deserve Grins.

We told you these Grins were on a mission!

We told you these Grins were on a mission!

We just packed up 4,752 cases of the Grins we produced last week at LiDestri Foods and sent them off to Kuwait, where the U.S. Army will use them to spread great-tasting refreshment and cheer at its facilities there.

“We couldn’t be prouder to be sending this product to those who serve our country,” said Grins Director of Operations Nathan Battle. “We are happy that the Army found Grins to be as great a source of hydration and refreshment as all of our other customers have.”

Grins packed up in a shipping container ready for their trip to Kuwait.

Grins packed up in a shipping container ready for their trip to Kuwait.

Grins runs 6,300 cases at LiDestri Foods in New Jersey

Grins completed a 6,300-case product run last week at LiDestri Foods in Pensauken, N.J.

This was Grins first run at LiDestri, and their hard-working team really put their all into this run. We couldn’t be happier about the results, and we know you will be, too.

Here are a few pictures from our time at LiDestri.

A lot of these Grins are on a very special mission, to a group of people who definitely deserve to be grinning. We can’t wait to tell you about where they are headed very soon.

Stay tuned!

LiDestri Foods Plant Manager Dave Kulak (left) and Quality Assurance Manager Jim Clavin helped make this batch of Grins a great one!

LiDestri Foods Plant Manager Dave Kulak (left) and Quality Assurance Manager Jim Clavin helped make this batch of Grins a great one!

Notice the new label? It should be showing up in schools later this year.

Notice the new label? It should be showing up in schools later this year.

These Grins are on a mission!

These Grins are on a mission!

Sammy, part of the team that really made us grin last week!

Sammy, part of the team that really made us grin last week!

Grins Director of Operations Nathan Battle samples the Strawberry Kiwi.

Grins Director of Operations Nathan Battle samples the Strawberry Kiwi.

More of the same from Pepsi with “Kickstart”

PepsiCo announced this week the launch of a new beverage called “Kickstart by Mountain Dew,” which is supposed to be an alternative to juice or coffee in the morning. It contains some fruit juice, along with artificial sweeteners and colors, high fructose corn syrup and more caffeine than a regular Mountain Dew soda.

It appears to be an energy drink whose flavors (orange citrus and fruit punch) will appeal to young people.

Kickstart contains 92 milligrams of caffeine–compared to 72 milligrams in Mountain Dew. Last year, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned against caffeine for young people, saying, “Because of the potentially harmful adverse effects and developmental effects of caffeine, dietary intake should be discouraged for all children.”

It’s drinks like this–and the big beverage companies’ continued efforts to cater to people’s least healthy cravings–that drove us to create Grins in the first place.

Grins is not in the “energy drink” category, although we think the hydration we provide, along with the positivity of our brand, will leave you with plenty of energy. Grins is what is known as a “better-for-you” beverage.

We are trying to wean consumers away from the hyper-sweetened, over-sugared, caffeine-packed concoctions that are hurting them (Have you read the reports linking energy drinks to emergency room trips?).

We don’t use caffeine, fake sugar, fake colors or exotic additives you can’t pronounce.

Grins is meant to put you on a path to a healthy lifestyle, including more activity, better food and better hydration.

We think you can have great taste without compromising nutrition.

We think Life Deserves Grins.

Need we say more?

Sometimes numbers speak for themselves. Here’s a comparison of Grins versus two other beverages that the USDA would allow in schools of all grade levels under its recent “Smart Snacks in School” proposal. Grins would be allowed at the high school level under these rules.



Want to tell the USDA what you think? Learn more about the proposal here.

Grins: USDA beverage rules could do more to encourage healthy habits

Grins Enterprises Inc. applauds the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s efforts to improve the quality of food and beverages America’s children receive in schools through tightened standards for its school meals programs.

The USDA’s “Smart Snacks in School” proposal made earlier this month includes a lot of common-sense standards that will improve young people’s diets.

Grins is a beverage company committed to improving the health and well-being of our country’s children.From that perspective, we must disagree with some key assumptions behind these rules.

While 100 percent fruit juice is a more natural product with more vitamins than soda and sugary juice drinks, parents and children should realize that it still contains a lot of calories and sugar, without providing the fiber and other benefits a person would receive by eating a piece of whole fruit.

The USDA’s proposed rules would allow only milk, water and 100 percent fruit juice in middle and elementary schools. High schools would be able to sell additional beverages, including diet soda and other calorie-free flavored beverages, and other drinks with 50 or fewer calories per 8-oz. serving.

Pure apple juice contains more than two times that amount of calories.

And while artificial sweeteners don’t add to a young person’s calorie load, they have been scientifically proven to interfere with natural appetite control, and can make people crave even more sugary foods.

At Grins, we don’t think these are the right tools to use in the fight against childhood obesity.

Our better-for-you beverages were born at the front lines of that fight. A school foodservice manager told us he was unhappy with the beverage options he had to serve to his students. Popular sports drinks were full of artificial ingredients and sodium, and many drinks packed far too many calories.

Working with a respected expert in the organic and natural foods industry, we developed Grins. Grins is a better-for-you beverage with no artificial sweeteners or colors. It has fewer calories than the average sugar-sweetened beverage, and fewer than half the calories of 100 percent apple or orange juice. Grins also delivers a reasonable dose of essential vitamins.

The human body can’t perform without a constant supply of fluids. Most of us need 64 ounces or more of fluid each day.

In a perfect world, we would all drink water to quench our thirst, but the preference for sweet is programmed into us by evolution, and has been shown to exist from birth.

Grins seeks to fill the need for some of those 64 daily ounces to taste like something other than water, without weighing you down with calories or using artificial ingredients to trick your tastebuds.

Grins can be a fun, healthy part of an active lifestyle, and a growing number of schools, retailers and young athletes are discovering this.

Join us in helping everyone make better choices to get the fluids they need. You can learn more about our story at

Help us bring Grins to more faces!

Grins is in the running for a $250,000 grant from Chase and LivingSocial’s Mission:Small Business program.

We’re asking all our fans to go to, log in with Facebook and cast a vote for Grins Enterprises, based in North Carolina. You can vote now through the end of this month, and we’d love it if you could share your votes with your Facebook friends.

This grant would allow us to bring more people on at Grins Headquarters, which would mean we could spread Grins in more schools and stores around the country. The response to our product has been so overwhelmingly positive so far that we know that increasing the Grins workforce would really allow us to take off!

We need all the votes we can get, so tell your friends and family how much you like Grins and what we’re all about. Thanks for your support, we are putting Grins on new faces every day!

Fruit juice, sugar and why we’re making Grins

The above clip is from the recent HBO documentary, “The Weight of the Nation,” a call to action on America’s obesity epidemic.

Among the points the film addresses is the way we seem to have swapped out soda for 100 percent fruit juice in so many areas of daily life (school cafeterias, hospitals, etc.), under the assumption that it is “healthier.”

While fruit juice is a much more natural beverage than soda and provides many more vitamins, the main driver behind obesity, weight gain and increased diabetes rates is sugar and caloric intake.

On this measure alone, juice doesn’t look that different from soda.

Take, for instance, 100 percent apple juice. An 8-ounce serving has 120 calories, and 26 grams of sugar. An 8-ounce serving of Coca-Cola has 100 calories and 27 grams of sugar.

Surprised? So were we, and that’s one of the reasons we created Grins. We wanted to bring an all-natural beverage to the marketplace that would give people a great-tasting option that delivered fewer calories and less sugar than other popular beverages.

An 8-ounce serving of Grins has 50 calories and 12 grams of sugar. Half (or less) than you’ll find in many juices and sodas.

You can read more about recommendations for limiting juice intake in this recent story by a writer for the Chicago Tribune. It includes this quote from the HBO documentary:

“Juice is just like soda, and I’m saying it right here on camera,” pediatric obesity specialist Robert Lustig said in the documentary “Weight of the Nation,” produced in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “There is no difference. When you take fruit and squeeze it, you throw the fiber in the garbage. That was the good part of the fruit. The juice is nature’s way of getting you to eat your fiber.”

Just in time for summer: Many more stores offering Grins

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, an entire summer of cookouts, picnics, baseball games and long days at the pool lies ahead.

What’s the perfect take-along to any of these events? Why, an ice-cold cooler full of Grins, of course!

Just in time for the happiest season of the year, The Official Beverage of Happy People is becoming available in many new markets. Check back often for updates, but here’s what you can look for now:

WilcoHess, which has 400 convenience stores and restaurants across the Southeast, has begun adding Grins in many markets, and will continue this process through late June. Before Memorial Day, Grins will be available in WilcoHess stores in the following markets:

Virginia: Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Newport News, Gloucester

North Carolina: Kill Devil Hills, Manteo, New Bern, Jacksonville, Swansboro, Emerald Isle, Cape Carteret, Morehead City, Beaufort, Richlands, Washington, Wilmington, Elizabeth City, Roanoke Rapids, Murfreesboro, Edenton, Ashokie, Sneads Ferry and more.

South Carolina: Myrtle Beach, Pawley’s Island, Murrells Inlet, Conway and more.

Find a full list of WilcoHess locations here. Look for Grins to enter these stores very soon.

Also, New Dixie Oil, which has 39 stores in North Carolina and Virginia, is now offering Grins. Find a store locator here.

Whatever you do this Memorial Day weekend, we hope you stay safe and keep Grinning!