Let’s have some fun.

Beware blog-o-sphere! There is an impostor in your midst. My name is Nathan Battle, I am the general manager (more aptly named Director of Fun)  and co-founder of Grins Enterprises, and I am going to give this blogging thing a shot. For the past two years I have left all the writing to my talented and eloquent sister Emily. But I feel that the time is right to add my voice to this conversation. I cannot tell you exactly where I am heading with the posts that follow, but my hope is to clarify the Grins mission of promoting healthy living and positivity, while having a lot of fun along the way. When my father and I started Grins two and a half years ago, we were committed to not being a “me, too” brand, and true to form, I don’t think there is anything about our approach that someone would label “traditional.” With that in mind, I do not want anything about this blog to be “traditional,” either. I am not interested in self-promotion, pontification, or saving anyone’s soul. All I want to do is have a conversation.


I began my career as a history teacher, and I used to always tell my students that I wasn’t there to tell them how it is or how it was, but to share with them a story that they are all a part of. My goal is the same here. I hope that through this blog I can not only share our story, but make everyone who reads it a part of the story. As you may have heard before, Grins is the Official Beverage of Happy People, and with this in mind, I want to end this first post with two requests of all Grins employees, supporters and now blog-readers:

  1. Grin everyday
  2. Make someone else Grin everyday

These two simple requests are at the core of what we do at Grins Enterprises, and I hope to accomplish both each time I contribute to this blog. Feel free to send me any comments, questions, or ideas for future posts. As I said before, you are now a part of the story!

Keep Grinning.