Grins works to keep Americans from “Pouring on the Pounds”

We at Grins recently had the opportunity to see some of the public service announcements that are running in New York City as part of that city’s efforts to educate people about the dangers of overconsumption of sugary beverages.

The NYC Health Department’s “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign makes a compelling case against drinking too many calories through overly sweet beverages.

At Grins, we see ourselves as being on the same team. Our goal is to make beverages that taste great, but that offer people a healthier alternative to the overly sweetened beverages they have grown accustomed to.

We have just recently created a calorie-free version of Grins that we will be bringing to market soon. And we talk constantly with our contacts in the education, military, sports and other fields to learn about what else we can do to offer appealing products that meet their nutritional needs.

Read our letter to the New York City health officials here.

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