Thirsty Dudes say they “need more Grins”

capThe beverage-review website Thirsty Dudes gave Grins Strawberry Kiwi a spin recently. Check out what they had to say here.

Grins gains new followers every day. Click here to see where you can grab a bottle. And don’t forget to tell your favorite store to carry Grins with this handy postcard.

Get Grins at your favorite local store

Retailer Request Postcard

Hot summer days will soon be upon us. When you’re busy working up a thirst doing your favorite summer activities, you’re going to want to have Grins available nearby to keep your fridge and cooler stocked.

We’ve created an easy way to tell your favorite grocery store, corner shop or convenience store that you’d like them to carry The Official Beverage of Happy People.

Click here to download and print this simple postcard that explains why no beverage cooler should be without Grins. Drop it off at the shops you frequent, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Keep Grinning, and have a great summer!