What they’re saying about Grins

Grins 0009

Every day, more folks are uncapping the positive power of Grins for the first time. We are always thrilled with the feedback we get from new customers who understand why Grins is The Official Beverage of Happy People.

“Stopped by a convenience store before work this evening and saw your product, decided to try one because it has a low sugar content per serving & is made with natural sweetener. Really enjoy the taste, it doesn’t have that overpowering sugary taste that most juices that are “supposed to be good for you” have. I will be drinking your product in the future.”

– R. Shawn White, on Facebook

“In our family, we don’t drink soft drinks or Gatorade, … so we loved the idea of a low-calorie, better-for-you beverage. It’s the only thing we’ve put in the store.”

– Brian Fitzgerald, president, Soccer Unlimited, Winston-Salem, N.C.

“Just had my first Grins today, Strawberry Kiwi. I was expecting a boring and “healthy” taste, but this stuff was really good! Thank you to the gentleman at the Hess Station in Greensboro on Wendover for recommending it!”

– Ricky Hardin, on Facebook

“A lot of the students … enjoyed the taste of it, that it was refreshing and that it didn’t have that artificial aftertaste with it. That was the big clincher there. … Teachers have commented that they like the taste of it a lot better” than other beverage options in the cafeteria.

– Barbara Davenport, school nutrition manager, Washington County, Va.

“When our school had the opportunity to have some of the very first cases of Grins delivered to us, we knew we would enjoy the beverages after sampling them weeks before. However, our school staff did not foresee Grins being so successful that it would essentially replace Gatorade and various other beverages on our campus.”

– Gardner Barrier, assistant head of school, Westchester Country Day School, High Point, N.C.

“My grand daughter came home telling me about GRINS.I had no idea what it is, until she bought one at school and brought it home. It is a very tasty drink, she loves it too much already. I do, too.”

– Latifan C., on Facebook

“dude Grins is tha most amazing stuff in the world everybody needs to try it.”

– Bryan H., on Facebook

“Finally found this drink in Davidson County – Quality Mart in Lexington…Caleb Davis was so happy, we haven’t been able to find it since the Wells Thompson Signature Soccer camp. Now that we found it there is no turning back…Thank you Grins for supporting the soccer camp!”

– Lynne D. on Facebook