More of the same from Pepsi with “Kickstart”

PepsiCo announced this week the launch of a new beverage called “Kickstart by Mountain Dew,” which is supposed to be an alternative to juice or coffee in the morning. It contains some fruit juice, along with artificial sweeteners and colors, high fructose corn syrup and more caffeine than a regular Mountain Dew soda.

It appears to be an energy drink whose flavors (orange citrus and fruit punch) will appeal to young people.

Kickstart contains 92 milligrams of caffeine–compared to 72 milligrams in Mountain Dew. Last year, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned against caffeine for young people, saying, “Because of the potentially harmful adverse effects and developmental effects of caffeine, dietary intake should be discouraged for all children.”

It’s drinks like this–and the big beverage companies’ continued efforts to cater to people’s least healthy cravings–that drove us to create Grins in the first place.

Grins is not in the “energy drink” category, although we think the hydration we provide, along with the positivity of our brand, will leave you with plenty of energy. Grins is what is known as a “better-for-you” beverage.

We are trying to wean consumers away from the hyper-sweetened, over-sugared, caffeine-packed concoctions that are hurting them (Have you read the reports linking energy drinks to emergency room trips?).

We don’t use caffeine, fake sugar, fake colors or exotic additives you can’t pronounce.

Grins is meant to put you on a path to a healthy lifestyle, including more activity, better food and better hydration.

We think you can have great taste without compromising nutrition.

We think Life Deserves Grins.

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