The Official Beverage of Happy People, now sold at the “Happy Hospital”

Grins Director of Fun (a.k.a. director of operations) Nathan Battle delivers Grins to Ginger Penley, director of volunteer services, and Carolyn Campbell, president of volunteers for the auxiliary at The Women’s Hospital in Greensboro, N.C.

Among the newest locations to sell Grins is a place that we really think fits well with the Grins mantra of happiness and positivity.

The Sweet Pea Gift Shop at The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, N.C., part of the Cone Health network, started selling Grins a few weeks ago.

The Women’s Hospital is North Carolina’s first freestanding hospital dedicated to women, and offers a top-of-the-line slate of services for new mothers and babies. Because of this mission, it is known as the “Happy Hospital.”

If you find yourself at this hospital any time soon, we wish your warm congratulations on your new addition. Why not celebrate with an ice-cold, all-natural Grins?

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