Grins is a positive choice, in more ways than one.

Guest post by Emily Freehling, Grins media consultant.

A few days ago, I was buying lunch at a local grocery store with my toddler daughter. I live in an area where Grins is not yet available, and as I picked beverages at the drink cooler, I was confronted on one side with a row of Monster energy drinks. With names like “Assault” and “Rehab” on the 16-oz cans, I decided to turn to the other side of the cooler.

Over there, a label on a bottle of Vitamin Water told me that the folks at Vitamin Water think “it’s no coincidence that ‘morning’ and “mourning’ are only one letter apart.” Basically, they hate mornings, and they’re pretty sure you do, too.

What a downer.

On another shopping trip, I found myself stopped a light, my daughter in the back seat, right next to a big sign with the Monster energy drink logo above an announcement about the “Real art of pole dancing contest” to be held at a local bar later that week.

I see kids drinking all of these beverages all the time, and I have to wonder–are these really the best messages for them?

All of us–kids and adults–are confronted with enough negativity these days. There’s always a new study telling us something in our pantry is full of chemicals that are killing us. Politicians’ public dialog has become a toxic minefield of name-calling and cynicism.

I don’t need the beverage at my lunch table adding to this chorus of pessimism.

The folks at Grins feel the same way. That’s why the Grins brand is built on a positive message.

It’s named for the physical reaction we think you’ll have when you drink Grins. Grins is about leaving behind the complaining, the blaming and the sense of hostility that can be hard to escape these days. We want to be a bright spot in your day, not a reminder of something you should be griping about.

At the same time, Grins is trying to provide a better alternative to the beverages already on the market. You won’t find questionable herbal blends, caffeine, artificial colors or quadruple-digit daily values of anything in our cheery green-and-white bottles.

The Grins team is made up of positive people. They wake up early, see opportunity in every day and find joy in the work they’re doing. That’s the attitude they take with them into every school, every convenience store and every distributorship they visit as they work to build this brand. And their positivity seems to be contagious, as many folks embrace the brand before they even try the beverage, and people who say they “don’t drink stuff like this” end up polishing off entire bottles of Grins before these meetings end.

Grins is committed to playing a positive role in the beverage landscape. We hope to provide a lift to your day when you reach for us in the beverage cooler, and we guarantee you we’ll be a bottle you can turn toward–and not avoid–when you’re out shopping with your kids.

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