Grins helps fuel some serious dancers

Photos by Carolyn Duckett

Could you stay on your feet dancing for 24 hours straight? More than 2,000 students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill did just that this past weekend. Their efforts raised $483,210.36 for N.C. Children’s Hospital.

It was the 2012 UNC Dance Marathon. Dancers raise pledges, and then must stay on their feet dancing for 24 hours straight–no sitting down, no leaning on the wall. In addition to the annual fundraising event, this group also organizes volunteer efforts at the hospital throughout the year.

Since these students work so hard to bring grins to kids who need them, we figured they definitely needed some of our Grins to help fuel their 24-hour dance party. 

Great job, dancers. We’re glad to see The Official Beverage of Happy People helped move some happy feet!

And to all our Chapel Hill fans, if you need to stock up on Grins, head to Ken’s Quickie Mart, in University Square on Franklin Street.

To learn more about the UNC Dance Marathon, click here. Read coverage of the marathon from The Daily Tar Heel here.

School administrator: Grins replaced Gatorade here.

The students and faculty at Westchester Country Day School in High Point, N.C., have been able to buy Grins on campus since last fall. We first told you about their enthusiasm for Grins here.

This week, we received a testimonial letter from Assistant Head of School Gardner Barrier, telling us just how popular Grins has become at the school. You can download the original letter here, but here is what he had to say:

February 7, 2012

Gardner Barrier

Dear Fellow and Future Grins Lovers,

Westchester Country Day School has greatly benefited (you might even say that we are grinning) from having Grins on our campus. In addition to the beverage being delicious – the brand is about living a healthy, positive life.

When our school had the opportunity to have some of the very first cases of Grins delivered to us, we knew we would enjoy the beverages after sampling them weeks before. However, our school staff did not foresee Grins being so successful that it would essentially replace Gatorade and various other beverages on our campus. 

Our campus is “Grinning” and our school community concurs that “Life deserves Grins.” We look forward to ordering more cases of Grins and trying new flavors as they become available.


Gardner Barrier

Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School

Join us at ChefSmart Friday for a chance to win a home delivery of Grins!

Many folks who’ve tried Grins have told us the same thing: Once you’ve tasted The Official Beverage of Happy People, buying it by the single bottle just doesn’t cut it. Well, we’ve got an answer for our Winston-Salem fans. Starting Friday, Feb. 3, IFH ChefSmart will sell Grins by the 12-bottle case.

Excited? Then make plans to join us Feb. 3 at ChefSmart any time between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. You can sample Grins and enter to win prizes including Grins Gear and even three cases of Grins delivered to your door. Come see us and start your weekend off grinning. The address is 557 S. Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. Find a map here.

And any time you need to stock up on Grins, head over to ChefSmart.