Grins helps McLean business students learn about marketing

McLean DECA members Fuller Overby, Melanie Norton and Evelyn Robinson prepare to distribute Grins at their school.

For the DECA club at McLean High School in Northern Virginia, Grins has been the subject of a hands-on lesson in business and marketing.

Students involved in McLean’s DECA club–an international association of marketing students–set out to develop a following for Grins in the McLean community. They sold it at basketball games and with Chik-fil-A sandwiches in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Now that they’ve created a buzz, they are working to get Grins sold in the school’s snack bar.

McLean DECA’s Evelyn Robinson reports that students seemed to take quickly to the beverage, and strawberry-kiwi appears to be a favorite flavor for many.

“Grins is not as sweet and sugary as most drinks they usually choose from,” Robinson said. “Also, Grins has a different message than most drinks, and that’s one of being a drink for happy people.”

McLean students liked Grins so much that the beverage is now on sale at the Madison Deli, a popular student hangout near the school.

All of this was part of a project in which the McLean DECA students were learning how to build demand for a product within a community. They’ll present their findings as part of a statewide DECA competition in Virginia. We wish them luck in the competition, and hope to see them take their Grins research to the national level!

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