Want to see Grins in your town? Meet the guy who’s working on that.

Ben Bloodworth, Grins Director of Sales

As recently as six months ago, Ben Bloodworth was happy at work as a commercial real estate agent with The Meridian Realty Group in Winston-Salem, N.C. Working on a variety of real estate investment projects and brokering deals such as  Sheetz convenience stores in North Carolina, Bloodworth enjoyed what he was  doing.

“Everything was going great,” he said. “I thought that’s what I’d be doing for the rest of my life.”

When longtime friends Nathan and Ed Battle pulled him aside this past September, asking him to sample a new beverage they were bringing to market, Bloodworth found himself with a new sales opportunity too enticing to pass up.

“When I saw such huge potential for a fantastic beverage and brand, I knew I had to jump onboard,” he said.

From the moment he tasted Grins, Bloodworth loved the beverage. But beyond that, he loved the simple, positive message behind the brand, and since September he’s been working to spread it, meeting with convenience store owners and distributors.

Grins is currently available in 20 convenience stores in Forsyth County, and Bloodworth is getting a positive response as he works to get it out to more stores and more markets.

Grins is finalizing deals with several distributors and plans for its products to be available in convenience stores in the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee in the next six months.

“I know the day will come, but we have yet to have an unsuccessful meeting,” he said. “We honestly have not had one person dislike this product. Everybody loves it.”

Bloodworth said he thinks the beverage’s appeal lies in the fact that it delivers a strong, genuine flavor that doesn’t come off as watered-down, as many drinks marketed as “better-for-you” do. At the same time, it’s lower in calories than the average juice drink and doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors.

“It tastes like it shouldn’t be good for you, but it is,” he said.

Beyond the beverage, Bloodworth is excited about extending the Grins brand into apparel and other products. Grins is The Official Beverage of Happy People, and the brand is simply about optimism, happiness and approaching life with a smile.

“We are all about positivity,” he said.

And that’s why, even though he never would have envisioned himself this time last year as Grins’ director of sales, Bloodworth looks forward to Mondays and is always happy to get to work.

“You can’t complain about selling Grins,” he said.

Learn more about Grins at grinsbev.com. For a chance to win our Grins Gear T-shirts, like us on Facebook.

One Comment on “Want to see Grins in your town? Meet the guy who’s working on that.”

  1. Katie Harris says:

    I want a GRINS Tshirt! Also, I want GRINS in Memphis!

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